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6 Tips for Selecting Proper Commercial Lighting Fixtures

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Commercial lighting designs are increasingly demanding, calling for creativity and gaining more prominence. Business owners have realized that well-researched commercial lighting enhances the work experience and positively impacts the customer’s mind. The following are 6 useful tips from Lighting Solutions Pacific Grove. We will help you apply the ideas in selecting commercial lighting fixtures.

1. Consider the Right Light Output

There are fluorescent and high-intensity lighting systems with a high output. Also, there is the option of using LED lighting to enhance energy-efficiency and save on costs. A delicate balance is necessary to help you achieve the overall progressive goal for your commercial lighting.

In most cases, LED lighting is the best choice over the other traditional lighting systems. The main reason LED is a great choice is its ability to give a higher light output and provide a more cost-efficient option. You can enhance this installation by adopting a monitoring system with automatic controls for energy consumption.

Automatic lighting control is the safest and most effective method of saving energy while still getting the right lighting output. It automatically helps you turn off or dim some lights when you do not need them. Here are some categories of automatic lighting controls.

If your facility is at a location that receives sufficient daylight, you may need to limit the use of commercial lighting during the day. The best way to install this system is to have one that turns off a section of the fixtures instead of the whole system. You can also add daylight dimming systems with continuous dimming ballasts.

Lighting timer controls keep the lights on only for a predetermined period. They are efficient, especially where occupancy controls may miss some of the areas. Consider having occupancy controls with sensors in the place of wall switches for more effective control.

2. Aesthetic Value

Aesthetics add a welcoming ambiance to your commercial facility. If you do it rightly, it enhances the appearance of the existing features of the facility. It also helps set the right mood that welcomes your customers and leaves a psychological effect on them. In office Lighting, for example, using the correct fixtures creates a relaxing and exciting environment for you as you work.

As competition in business continues to grow, aesthetic lighting becomes one of the most important image-enhancing strategies. It would be best to adopt cutting-edge lighting techniques in your facility to be ahead of the competition. The following are tips that can help you achieve aesthetic value in commercial lighting.

3. Choose Cost-Effective Fixtures

In a commercial set up, the most important goal is to maximize profits as much as possible. If you can achieve this without incurring large overhead costs, it will enhance profitability in your business. A good lighting system is one that reduces the installation costs and is energy-efficient.
How can you make your office or warehouse lighting cost-effective?
One way of saving costs is by choosing commercial LED fixtures. Commercial LED fixtures are more expensive than traditional ones. However, they can help you save up to three-quarters of the energy costs over time.

4. Go for durability in Fixtures

There is no point in installing lighting fixtures that have not a long life span. The durability and robustness of materials is evident right from the manufacturing process. Ensure you choose fixtures that will not require replacement as soon as you install them.

Be sure to get your lights from a brand or company with a reputation for quality. Always check for quality labels such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Environmental Testing laboratories. These labels indicate that the lights have met the requirements for quality and safety. Such fixtures are likely to last long enough in comparison to untrustworthy brands.

5. Configure the Ceiling for the Right Fixtures

Some fixtures can only fit in certain ceiling types, while others require additional attachments to fit. You can also consider choosing fixtures that will allow you to apply different light styles that would fit in the existing ceiling design. Here are some ceiling designs that can give you ideas

6. Research on Commercial Lighting Options

To make an informed choice as you choose fixtures for your lighting, do some research. If possible, found out anonymously the ideas that other businesses have and make a comparison. You will find out that most businesses have since got rid of hanging bulbs in their lining plans.

Some businesses adopt a blend of lighting ideas to add to the aesthetic value and increase efficiency. Through your research, you may also get useful ideas like how to install cost-effective warehouse lighting and why recessed lights are great for your office lighting design.

Having creative lighting ideas in your commercial facility enhances the customer experience in your business. Be sure to contact professional installers to help you with great ideas in your commercial office store, outdoors, and warehouse lighting, among others. Contact us at Lighting Solutions Pacific Grove now and leverage our quality services and materials.