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Illuminate Your Landscape: A Guide to Outdoor Lighting

You’ve gone hammer and tongs to make your home and yard look out of this world – that’s alright! So, why let the nightfall hide this hard work? With a click on a switch and some well-placed landscape lights, you can put it all back on display again. When done right, outdoor lighting can be a fascinating way to show off the breathtaking architecture of your home, expand usable space, and revitalize your yard. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of everything you need to know about outdoor light systems.

An Overview of Landscape Lighting

Currently, most exterior lighting systems are low voltage – probably because their installation costs and energy uses are down. For instance, the systems we install for our clients use about 10V to 15V alongside LED technology for long-lasting life. Although low-voltage systems operate at a fraction of the power used in a standard 120V system, they achieve a full-range visual effect.

All of these go into building a memorable exterior lighting solution to highlight your home’s architectural features and draw attention to prized trees and plantings. Looking to show off your Monterey property with landscape lights? You can trust us for all your lighting solutions in Pacific Grove.


Components of a Low-Voltage Outdoor Light System

Lighting systems typically work with a stepped-down power. Thereupon, a low-voltage system features a transformer that reduces the 120V household power to a safe 12V. The system also comes with a fixture housing and a bulb. The housing determines the shape of the light beam and protects the bulb from elements. Other components on the system include a stake that holds the fixture in place and a cable to connect the system to the power in your house.

Landscape light systems ought to withstand elements. Since water conducts electricity, an ideal system should protect you from shocks and electrocution. Make sure to invest in a system with a good IP rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection – an assessment of how a product is resistant to water and other particles.

It’s worth noting that bulbs are not waterproof. Regardless of the bulb used, investing in a waterproof fitting is paramount. Perhaps you’re wondering how to evaluate the best fitting to invest in. Don’t panic, the IP rating gives information on how waterproof a system is.

Recommended fittings for outdoor lights range from IP44 onwards with the IP65 being the most ideal option for fittings exposed to dust, direct rain, and low jets of water in all directions. The highest level of rating is IP68 which works well with underwater lighting.


Types of Landscape Lights to Install

While most individuals invest in landscape light systems to simply accent their lawns or gardens, others use varied lighting setups for safety and security purposes. Whether you’re looking to guide cars into the driveway, highlight scenic trees on the compound, or shed light on your property, there’s an outdoor lighting system to suit your needs. Here is a list of options to select when investing in exterior light systems.


Strategic Landscape Lighting Locations

Depending on the layout and size of your outdoor area, you’ve got to pick strategic points to install the systems to achieve appropriate lighting without creating a flood-lit look or over-lighting the area. Make sure to put adequate attention on the following points.

  1. Entrance lighting
    You’ll want to create a welcoming impression with a well-lit entrance to your home. An excellent entrance lighting is a great way to improve security since you can easily identify at your door after nightfall. However, you might want to avoid glare at the entrance with fluorescent tubes or shrouded bulbs.
  2. Patio Lighting
    Since patios and decks are areas where you spend a lot of time entertaining and relaxing, ambient lighting is paramount. A well-lit patio feels like an extension of your home. Try out a few task lightings along with spotlights for reading areas and pendant lights for dining and BBQ areas. Also, consider adding a few accent lightings.
  3. Driveway and Walkway Lighting
    Combine aesthetics and safety when selecting the systems to install on your steps, walkways, and driveway. Ideal lights for these areas ought to project pools of light towards the ground to allow people to see the surface they’re walking on, without dazzling them. Avoid creating a landing strip effect with too many lights since it might feel a little unnatural.
  4. Focal Point Illumination
    Use warm hues on manmade statues as well as cool hues on natural focal points such as trees to create a dramatic background. If you’re looking for an experience a little out of the box, try accenting the shadow of a statue or plant on a wall.    For water features, use fittings that are rated above 7.

Best Landscape Lighting Solutions in Pacific Grove

If you’re a homeowner looking for the best exterior lighting contractors Pacific Grove has to offer, The Home Lighter, Inc. offers fantastic outdoor bullet, well, flood, up, down, and wash lighting installments. We are committed to giving you an impeccable mixture of value, style, and durability. We pride ourselves in the following approach to come up with the most ideal installation, planning, and design.

First, we’ll assess your property for a clear insight into the outdoor space, entrance, and the house. We’ll want to make sure that you get an ideal outdoor light system that suits how you typically intend to use the space. We’ll also engage in a dialogue to understand exactly how you want the work done.

We’ll carry out a reconnaissance tour to your premises to pinpoint features such as trees, outdoor space, driveways, and walkways, to mention a few. We’ll then give recommendations on how best we can carry out a proper outdoor lighting installation.

The Home Lighter, Inc. aims at offering clients with smooth, quick outdoor illumination installation. You can trust us for professional installation work that is both aesthetic and durable. We are also thorough and use the best products available.

Investing in the best outdoor lighting solutions Pacific Grove has to offer is certainly a major decision. Homeowners in Monterey can opt to hire our team of lighting experts and enjoy a hands-on involvement with experienced professionals all through the process. Remember, there’s much more than just purchasing and installing these systems. You’ve got to carefully consider factors such as power source, placement, foot traffic, to mention a few. How about you hire us, sick back, and let professionals handle the rest of your lighting work?