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How to Choose Vanity Lighting to Improve Your Bathroom’s Ambience

After the invention of the carbon filament incandescent light bulb way back in 1879, it became refreshingly easier to gracefully illuminate a face in the bathroom mirror.

Vanity lighting, which is the use of artificial light to illuminate a person’s face, has been around since the early 1900s. As you can imagine, lighting technology has changed remarkably over time. Back then, an even and diffused light source would minimize shadows and blur facial imperfections when someone looked at their reflection in a mirror.

Today, the technology behind vanity lighting has improved beyond recognition, but the sentiment behind it has not strayed far from its original purpose. It’s still a unique way of lighting a mirror to provide a more flattering illumination of a person’s face. This ingenious type still helps someone look and feel more beautiful.

Centuries later, vanity lighting fixtures are a popular way to enhance the ambiance in a bathroom. We all still want to look stunning the minute we catch our reflection in the mirror.

If you want your bathroom to feel warmer and friendlier, then the right choice of vanity lighting fixtures can even help you create a more inviting bathroom, one where you can enjoy your morning bathroom routine bathed in the glow of soothing light.

Although the perfect vanity light fixture can make all the difference in a bathroom, it’s often hard to decide what to select. With a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes, you need to know just what you’re looking for to find lighting that works for your bathroom.

Here are some key ideas to help you find your perfect light fixture and take the first step towards creating a dream bathroom!

Why You Need Good Bathroom Lighting 

Lighting is an essential element in every room, whether you need it for reading, cooking, or getting ready in the morning. And when it comes to designing a bathroom, lighting is an essential factor.

With the right light fixtures and colors, you can increase the aesthetic value and functionality of your bathroom.

Ideally, you want the bathroom light to be soft and flattering, but not so dim it obscures the makeup you’re trying to apply or the clean shave you need to look your best. For example, you don’t want a glaring light but a soft-white lightbulb for daytime makeup application or shaving.

Most people opt for a table lamp with an incandescent bulb. This provides enough light while keeping it soft and flattering. The downside of these types of lamps is they don’t last very long, so you’ll have to replace the bulb often.

For a softer and more ambient light, you can use a floor lamp with an incandescent bulb or fluorescent bulbs indoors. These types of lamps are perfect for creating that “dressing room” feel in your own bedroom or bathroom vanity area.

While these are all workable options, the best way to create the right amount of lighting in a bathroom, one that is not too bright nor too dim and one that lets you see your face clearly in the mirror when you’re getting ready in the morning before heading out of the door, is to use a vanity lighting solution.

Vanity lighting is important for families who use a bathroom mirror during makeup application, shaving, haircuts, or other bathroom grooming routines that require excellent visibility.

Bathroom lighting is a key factor in determining how well someone can see everything in a small room. The best types of bathroom light fixtures have an adjustable head and one or more bulbs that can be turned on or off independently from each other.

How to Light Your Mirror

Consider the location of your mirror and how much light you need when deciding on what type of light fixtures to install. For instance, if your mirror is close to a window, then natural daylight will suffice. Alternatively, if the mirror is far from a window and there isn’t enough light coming from that direction, then installing a lamp or recessed lights are probably your best bet.

Height for Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Bathroom lighting is crucial to the overall feel of the space. A light fixture that is too high can make the space feel claustrophobic, while a light that is too low can make it difficult to apply makeup or shave.

The height of bathroom vanity lights is often a matter of personal preference, but some people like to have the lights above the mirror in order to avoid glare from their reflection.

The standard height of these fixtures is about 40-inches or 1-meter, although many people opt for lights that are between 54 and 75 inches or 1.5 and 2 meters.

Positioning Lights and Mirrors

While there are many options when it comes to positioning, lighting should never overhang the mirror. This is a safety hazard and can be dangerous.

Make sure that you install your light in such a way that it doesn’t hang over the mirror. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally knock it off while brushing your teeth or shaving.

Types of Vanity Light for Bathlights & Mirror Lights

There are various types of vanity lights that can be installed in bathrooms. Some of the popular types are mirror lights and bathlights.

Mirror lights, as the name suggests, are installed on the front of bathroom mirrors to provide illumination for getting ready in the morning. They are generally placed at a height where you can easily see your own reflection.

Bathlights, on the other hand, are usually found at the height of your head height and don’t just illuminate the mirror but light the whole bathroom. Besides helping you decide between your hair care products in the shower, they also make it easier for you to see what’s inside cabinets and under sinks.

Recessed, Pendant, or Chandelier Vanity Lighting

The lighting in a bathroom has a significant impact on the mood and ambiance of the space.

When installing a light, you should consider the type of space you have available. Different types of vanity lights are better for different types of spaces and it’s important to choose one that will work well in your specific situation so that everyone can enjoy using your bathroom.

If you have open, airy space then pendant or chandelier lighting is best. If your bathroom is small and confined, then recessed lighting will not disrupt the flow of the space and will make it easier for people to use the bathroom.

Lighting and Home Design

Vanity lighting design can match the home design. This unique type of lighting not only enhances the mood with a unique ambiance but also gives homeowners a variety of options to design their home’s lighting.

There are lighting fixtures for popular home design themes, such as modern, rustic, and minimalistic designs, with a variety of colors and product designs.

Where to Find the Best Vanity Lighting Choices

At The Home Lighter, Inc. in Pacific Grove., the lighting showroom offers a wide variety of styles with different materials and prices.

The company provides high-end indoor and outdoor lighting to clientele in the Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel California area. They offer something for everyone at different price points. In fact, when you walk into the residential lighting showroom in Monterey Ca, you will be amazed at the sheer number of options currently available for residential lighting.

Seeing so many light fixture options in a store may seem overwhelming but the staff is there to help you find exactly what you are looking for and offer expert advice on how to select the best vanity lighting for your bathroom.

For any homeowner, having precise lighting in a bathroom is the most crucial thing. It does not only optimize your vision in the busy mornings but also sets your mood. Therefore, the importance of bathroom lighting should never be ignored. It should be done so that the design and style complement your home’s interior lighting.

For homeowners refurbishing an existing bathroom or working on a new bathroom project, vanity lighting is a vital element of a well-designed shower room. In some homes, especially the old ones, they either don’t have the vanity lights or those that exist also serve to illuminate the bathroom.

Such cases tend to ignore the role of vanity lights since the duties performed at vanity, such as grooming, requires special consideration than the ambient luminescence used for general lighting. Also, for older people to see properly, they need four times more light than people below 25 years. This is according to a study conducted by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

When it comes to bathroom vanity lights, it should be taken with the seriousness it deserves compared to general lighting. Remember that bathroom lighting fixture operates in potentially wet surroundings, which poses a risk of electric shock to the user. Therefore, homeowners seeking lighting solutions in Pacific Grove should look for professional lighting consultants such as the Home Lighter, Inc. for all their bathroom vanity light needs.


What is Vanity Lighting?


Vanity lighting refers to the lights mounted over a shower room sink, on top of the mirror, or either side. The sink may have a vanity cabinet surrounding or not while the mirror may be mounted against the wall or in a part of an operational drug cabinet.

In both cases, the bathroom lighting requirements remain the same.

Essentially, vanity light is supposed to serve as a component of the bathroom lights scheme. Like in other rooms, different lights such as ambient, accent, and task lighting greatly benefit the bathroom.

Although under-designed or smaller shower rooms rely only on ambient lighting, others entirely depend on vanity lights to fully brighten the space. The second one is preferable as the vanity lights can serve as both general and task lighting.


Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity Lights


Currently, modern shower rooms demand sufficient bathroom vanity lights. It does not just revolve around getting the correct light amount or quality; it’s also crucial to pick a stylish vanity light that complements the interior lighting as well as the existing décor of your home. Here are four tips that can help you choose the right bathroom vanity lights for your home.


Fixtures: How many lights do your bathroom require?


The vanity lights that your shower room requires depends on the layout and size of your bathrooms vanity. If your bathroom is fitted with a single-sink vanity, then it’s advisable to use a pair of wall sconces.

This helps to flank the mirror for the most uniform lighting. According to the American Lighting Association, sconces are supposed to be installed 28 to 30 inches apart, and 60 to 70 inches high from the sconce bottom to the floor. This layout helps to ensure that there is uniformity in lighting for all vanity tasks.

A vanity light installed over the mirror is the other option available either by default or by design choice. In such cases, ALA recommends vanity light fixture to be about 1/3 the mirror’s width and not shorter than the mirror itself. On the other hand, bathrooms fitted with more expansive countertops and double-sink varieties require a multi-light vanity fitting mounted above the mirror. In such cases, you are supposed to pick a configuration of 2 to 4 lights.

Also, ensure that the light is not larger than the cabinet, regardless of how they are fitted. On the other hand, you may have two similar vanity lights each over each sink, thus providing an asymmetrical look. The recommended height for a bathroom vanity light is 75 to 80 inches from the bathroom floor.


Style: Do the Lights meet your Elegance Needs?


The style of the bathroom lights that you pick is largely dependent on your aesthetic preference. Different homeowners have differing lighting tastes, and preferences. Also, vanity lights installed beside the mirror produces more uniform lighting than those mounted on top of mirrors. Homeowners are advised to skip overhead lighting if possible, especially when it comes to recessed lights to avoid shadows that make vanity tasks problematic.

For bathrooms with limited wall space, one should consider installing the lights on the mirror’s surface for as long as you abide by the measurements recommended by ALA. Also, dangling a pair of lockets on both sides of the mirror acts as wall sconces where wall mounts are not required. Installation of frosted bulbs, glass, or globes provides even increased light diffusion, which counters the vanity’s uninvited shadow play.


Lumens: What amount of Light do you need for your bathroom?


Proper installation of bathroom vanity lights ensures that all vanity tasks are achieved as you want it. That’s why when it comes to task lighting, the magnitude of brightness is vital. ALA recommends approximately 1600 lumens on the lower side for any vanity lights.

However, this number can be altered, for example, if the fittings that you pick has an incorporated LED light source. This means increased efficiency in terms of energy consumption. With this, homeowners get a lower output of up to 1200 lumens. That’s why it’s imperative to consider this when choosing your lighting fixture. On the other hand, you can go for fixtures with higher lumen output and mount dimmable fittings with a separate switch. This enables you to alter the light level according to your needs.


Rating: What Kind of Lights do you need for your Bathroom Lighting?


The light requirement that you need for your bathroom depends on the authorities’ building codes. This is also dependent on the location of your project. For example, some jurisdiction requires the lighting fittings within six feet of a shower to be wet rated. These are some of the safety measures in bathroom lights. However, these codes are not applicable in well-ventilated shower rooms as they are not considered wet surroundings.


Crucial Considerations for Bathroom Vanities


Currently, the majority of homeowners prefer LEDs as the main light source for vanity lights. This can be attributed to their energy efficiency, design compatibility, performance as well as their performance. However, with the advancing technology, superior amounts of technical specifications are developing.

Homeowners are now paying attention to numbers such as Color Rendering Index, which shows the extent to which the lighting renders color to the eye. In this case, it is advisable to pick lighting with a higher CRI, i.e., above 90. This enables you to see your real skin, hair color, or makeup in the mirror.

The other number that homeowners are paying attention to is the color temperature. It refers to the degree of warmth or coolness of the light. In this case, the coolest is the blue light, while the warmest is firelight. Kelvin scale is used to measure the color temperature. For the majority of the indoor uses, LED lighting should not exceed 3500K.

Lastly, we all know that electricity plays a crucial role in lighting our homes. However, people have lost their lives to electric shock. That’s why it important for any homeowner to acknowledge the fact that electricity on its own is dangerous.

For homeowners in Carmel, Monterey, and Pacific Grove, please pick a professional electrician such as Home Lighter, Inc. for all your bathroom lighting installations. At Home Lighter, Inc., we pride ourselves with a team of highly trained professionals who are experts when it comes to technical and practical installation issues.

We also understand all the legal requirements governing all electrical installations in the areas that we offer our services. Therefore, for all of your bathroom vanity lights installations, don’t hesitate to call us. At Home Lighter, Inc., we will not only get it done but also done right.