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The 6 Best Places to Hang a Chandelier in Your Home

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Lighting helps us illuminate dark spaces and brighten up spaces. Lighting saves energy bills, improves health, enhances areas, evokes specific moods, and adds value to your home.

For many years, chandelier lighting has graced entry into hotels, corporate offices, event halls, and shopping facilities. They transform places with sheer exuberance, opulence, elegance, and style. Nowadays, homeowners are using chandelier lighting to bring a warm, welcoming atmosphere to their homes. If you are not convinced about the idea of this kind of lighting in your home, here are a few benefits.

Advantages of Chandeliers

Beauty: Among all home fixtures you will ever get, nothing can compare to a chandelier. It attracts attention and instantly becomes a focal point wherever you place it. Even with the lights are off, you will be mesmerized by the crystal prisms.
Saves Space: Unlike other lighting fixtures such as lamps, the gasolier does not use any of your room space. They hang from the ceiling allowing you to use the room space for other home fixtures. This idea avoids tripping due to wires and getting knocked when your children or pets play around the home.
Even Lighting: It is vital for home lighting to capture all the spaces within the room. Other light sources may fail to cover specific areas, but the chandelier spreads out light evenly in the entire room.
Design and style: Chandeliers are available in many colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and types. It makes it is easy to select a perfect choice that blends in with any room or decor in your home.
Zero Damage to Walls: Most of the recent lighting fixtures require drilling holes into the walls. Though the final look is incredible, you have to deal with ugly spots every time you repurpose your home. Multiple drills can compromise the integrity of your walls. Since the chandelier hangs from the ceiling, your walls will always be intact with this lighting option.

The Bathroom

Many people do not consider the bathroom as an option for chandeliers. Generally, people are concerned about their safety due to space and electrical safety. However, installation in a bathroom more prominent than 100 square feet is ideal for aesthetic reasons. Vaulted ceilings or high roofing make a good fit for fixing the glass-cut fixture due to electrical requirements. You may consider installing petite pendants or semi-flush mount lights if your roof is not high enough.

It is paramount for all electrical components in the bathroom to have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. The outlet ensures automatic power shut down upon detection of an electrical fault. Irrespective of your choice for lighting, make sure the fixture has ratings for a wet environment.

The ceiling fixture brings a significant visual impact to the bathtub when hanging directly above it. Placing it between the shower and bathtub is a foolproof plan to brighten up both spaces. Placing the light in the middle is always a wise choice for irregularly shaped rooms.

The Bedroom

Most of the bedroom lighting concentrates on tasks from the desk lamp to the bedside lamps. However, a chandelier gives the room more ambiance and a softer look. It adds a romantic element to your overall bedroom decor and elegance.

The ceiling fixture should complement other furnishings but not overpower them. For this reason, ensure you define where you want to place the fixture. Placing it on the wall above the headboard is attractive if you have a low ceiling. If your room is considerably large, centered lighting will illuminate the entire bedroom. Fixing the light by the bedside can add a little drama to your room with a luxurious look. However, ensure its height does not knock your head and the light is sufficient for reading at night.

The size of your lighting should be proportionate to the size of your room. A 1-foot to 1-inch ratio is ideal when determining the diameter. The easiest method to calculate this is by adding the width and length dimensions and then using the total as a guide for diameter size. For example, if your room is 10-by-15 feet, the ideal diameter of the chandelier should be 25 inches.

The Guest Room

Impromptu visits are bound to happen, and providing a relaxing space is the best way to tell your guest they are always welcomed to your home. Good lighting brings the wow sensation and lifts the moods of your visitors.

A chandelier helps to create a happy environment due to its beautiful scenery and ambient light. It comes with a dimmer switch feature that allows your visitors to control the brightness and softness of the light they want. This flexibility in lighting allows them to undertake different tasks from reading, relaxing, exercising, and sleeping.

The ceiling fixture helps to illuminate the entire guestroom bringing more highlight to decorative features in the room. The wide range of chandeliers allows you to match your decor’s bed size, wall color, and style.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is an important room where people gather to share stories and prepare family meals. You need to spend time in an elegant space, and the chandelier makes a good choice for bringing beauty to your room. Fitting a chandelier in your kitchen space creates an atmosphere that allows you and your loved ones to have more fun and enjoy the moment.

Installing a chandelier in the kitchen creates a balance and a strong focal point that brings out your creativity. These kitchen lighting options blend well with the furniture and designs to build symmetry.

If you’re looking for a lighting fixture that fits into your space, settling for a chandelier will be a good decision. They come in many types and designs; hence can fit various sizes of kitchen space. Regardless of the kitchen space, you can get a ceiling fixture that fits your appropriate width and height.

The Hallway

First impressions are essential as they give information about who you are and what individuals should expect. The hallway in your home is the first place your visitors see.

Placing a ceiling fixture in your hallway allows you to create a look that compliments the rest of the rooms in the house. It comes off as a way of styling your home.

Getting the right ceiling fixture for your foyer will bring out a warm and welcoming theme making your visitors feel comfortable. In some communities, hallway lightings are a sign of luxury and class. You can use this fixture to bring out these qualities and grace your space.

When placing a chandelier in your hallway, consider the shape and size of your space and choose accordingly. Further, you want to ensure that as you design the interior of your room, the space remains safe. Therefore choose gasoliers that are not hanging low.

The Living Room

Your living room is the space that accommodates your guests. It is also one of the rooms where families spend time and have fun or talk. Decorating the room with various pieces of art, fashion, and style in this space reflects who you are as a person and what you love.

You can transform your living room space to look exuberant, glamorous, and fun by incorporating a chandelier in your interior decor. While you may want to have fun when styling your living room, this light fixture creates a beautiful contrast, especially when mixing modern and traditional elements.


For the longest time, chandeliers have embellished homes of the high in the society. You can add your home value through investment in good lighting. For interior lighting fixtures Monterey CA, visit The Home Lighter, Inc to request an appointment.