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Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting Buyer’s Guide

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Most people consider the kitchen as the soul of the home because apart from eating and cooking, the space crawls up with many activities like -reading, socializing, and doing homework. Due to a range of activities, the kitchen needs a fitting of task-specific light than the rest of your home. The bathroom is no longer considered a small and straightforward room since it has transformed into a bigger and luxurious space to retreat to after a long day. Therefore, you should install proper lighting in the bathroom to enjoy the comfort of the bathroom.

Here are a quick guide and tips on the proper lighting of the kitchen and bathrooms in your home.

Kitchen Lighting Techniques

Three of the most common kitchen lighting techniques include traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. Traditional lighting style is an elegant design embellished with decorative touches and flourishes. The transitional style is highly versatile and slightly similar to the traditional one but with fewer decorations. The contemporary style of lighting features a streamlined look with minimal adorning.

Other kitchen lighting techniques include industrial and coastal, but other styles fall into the above three lighting styles.

Kitchen Ambient Lighting

Ceiling mounted and overhead light fixtures are installed for general-purpose activities in the kitchen because they wash the entire room with light. Ambient lighting converts kitchens to a warm space from a dark cave. Ambient lighting can be offered by buying recessed can bulbs and chandeliers. You can receive both storage and ambient light from a pot rack light. A kitchen with a low roof or one that is generally small in size can fix the lighting near to the ceiling to give perfect ambient lighting, which can be offered by flush mount and semi-flush mount lights.

Big pendants and chandeliers best illuminate larger kitchens with more workspace allowing you to go through your activities comfortably. Ambient fixtures are available in nearly all shapes, finishes, styles, and sizes to match your kitchen outlook.

LED Kitchen Lighting

Instead of using an incandescent bulb to create comfortable lighting, you can use white LED bulbs that offer almost the same warm environment. You can use the LED light fixture’s specification for color temperature whenever you want an integrated kitchen lighting. However, it would help if you did not use incandescent dimmer and LED lights together because they do not function well together. Therefore, you can install an LED dimmer to dim your kitchen LED bulbs.

Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

The lighting styles of under-cabinets include modular linear, LED tape, recessed mount pucks, surface mount pucks, and all-in-one linear. Modular linear under-cabinet lighting involves daisy-chaining where a fixture is connected to another from the electricity source. Moreover, modular linear bulbs are easy to install and permit expand-ability. Under-cabinet lighting is utilized to provide helpful and focused task lighting when people prepare food or cut vegetables in the kitchen.

You can place the bulb above the cabinet to produce a new and fantastic glow in the kitchen and ceiling. Besides, you can use the recessed, pendants, and surface mount pucks styles of lighting to illuminate the glass-front kitchen cabinets with rare artful displays.

You should avoid mounting the under-cabinets fixtures at the back to avoid glare issues due to the direct line of sight when reaching for objects in the cabinet. Similarly, it would help if you did not place the bulbs in front of the cabinets to avoid glare from light reflection from the back-splashes and counter-tops.

LED Tape Lights

The LED tape fixtures can help you navigate through the kitchen late at nightly without the need to turn on the lights. LED tape lighting are versatile and have several uses in the kitchen. Some of the best characteristics of an LED tape include its waterproof, available in diverse color ranges that change on command, ease of installation, and adheres in almost all surfaces. Additionally, the LED tape can be bent at 45-degree angles.

Kitchen Island Lighting

Although many homeowners find pendants best suited for light fixtures on kitchen islands, other options include mini chandeliers also referred to as chandelettes. The chandelettes create an elegant and sparkling effect in the kitchen apart from lighting up the area. Besides, you can use linear island bulbs above a table or an island to create proper lighting of the kitchen. There are independent light fixtures available that are adjustable such as track lighting for island fixtures.

You can use incandescent lights to create warmth in the area around the island kitchen or use pendant or island bulbs that utilize LED lighting.

Scones Lighting

Scones can offer stylish and helpful accent with a decorative lighting appeal in the kitchen. These bulbs are mounted in matching pairs above the region that needs focusing, beside a kitchen sink, or in walkways. A scone with an adjustable neck can be actuated around the kitchen to areas that need lighting at a given moment. Scones can be considered for direct illumination over a given object to capture its details, for decoration in the kitchen, and accent lighting.

For scones, you should consider your eye level to reduce potential glare. Additionally, the size of the scone should reduce as you move closer to the target object.

Ambient Bathroom Lighting

General or ambient lighting is used to illuminate the entire room. It offers homeowners enough illumination in the room to ensure safety when navigating through the bathroom. Ambient lighting can allow you bathe children in the bathtub or read instructions on a first aid case. Dimmer ambient lighting can transform the bathroom into a warm and softly illuminated space. You can achieve the ambient lighting through ceilings fixtures and the combinations of frosted diffusers and flush mount bulbs to offer enough room illumination and warmth.

Task Bathroom Lighting

Task bathroom lighting is directional and bright light made to offer more regional illumination for activities such as personal grooming. For everyday tasks, install horizontally above a bathroom mirror vanity lights while activities such as brushing teeth and shaving use shadow-free bulbs such as walled scones on both sides. Moreover, for tasks such as bathing and make-up applications use cool white color temperatures.

Accent Bathroom Lighting

Accent bathroom lighting is meant to reduce and optimize the overall illumination by increasing ambient and diminishing task lighting. The lighting provides bathrooms with a subtle luminosity, which highlight and creates depth in different regions of the room. Wall scones are perfect in delivering accent lighting in bathrooms because it provides a diffused and soft light that counterbalances task and ambient lighting.

Bathroom Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures are successful in offering the necessary ambient light required in the bathroom. Both recessed and flush mounting lights release ample light that blends subtly with almost all bathroom designs. These designs should be placed in the center of the bathroom and avoid putting it above any vanity because it will produce splotchy illumination, glare reflecting on mirrors, and unwanted shadows.

Bathroom Mirror Fixtures

The vanity regions of the bathroom should be illuminated adequately to avoid obstructive shadows when using the bathroom mirror. For custom mirrors, the wall scones should be places on both sides of the mirror to offer the right task lighting distribution.

You can also place light fixtures on either side of the bathroom mirror or at one point that is a position to illuminate your face entirely. Furthermore, you can combine the two and have lighted mirrors that do not need space on your wall or any measurement considerations.

Bathroom Wall Bulbs

Aside from their use on flanking bathroom mirrors, wall lights can enhance ambient lights and counterbalance brilliant task lighting. Additionally, a single wall light is enough to light dark areas of the bathroom or highlight art in the room. Wall bulbs should be placed at least five or six feet from the floor at the eye level.

Lighting For Wet And Damp Locations

Before installing light bulbs near water sources, it is safe to check the safety requirements set by the local government because some light fixtures used in the bathroom might not come wet- or damp-rated. Wet rated light fixtures can be directly exposed to water in bathtubs or showers without being damaged. Conversely, damp-rated light fixtures can function well under indirect exposure to condensation, moisture, and water in places such as near the bathroom sink.


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